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Just over two years ago, a friend of ours came across an eight week old Husky puppy on the local social boards. A little girl, born with only three legs and a large herniated abdomen was placed as a give away next to her brother who was to be sold off.  We immediately fell in love and decided we had to have her. After a thorough visit to the vet and two surgeries later Sophie was shaping up to be a normal fun loving pup!

After trying all of the usual "high quality" brown greasy kibble and "fresh" food that looked like it had already been chewed, I noticed something.  She would have a quick burst of energy then turn lethargic at times not eating the next meal or two. I also noticed the amount of unnecessary stabilizers and fillers they all contained and found that some are even causing heart disease!

Enough was enough. I made it my mission to make People Food for Pets. Meals that your pet will love and that is actually good for them. With chunks of real meat, fruit and vegetables! Now you too can say goodbye FOREVER to those fatty kibbles and logs of overly processed pates.

With Sophie's - People Food for Pets, you can get high quality pet food for less than other subscription services. So why not give us a shot?

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