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Keeping Boredom at Bay and You from Going Crazy!

My favorite thing about having dogs as pets is their unconditional love. It doesn't matter if you're having a bad day or if you've been away for work all week—when you walk through that door, your pup will be ecstatic to see you! Dogs are just like us - even the best doggos get bored when their people aren't around to play with them. That's why I created this list of ways to keep your pup entertained while you're away from home so that you can both have some peace and quiet during those long workdays!

1. Hide treats around the house - Your dog will love searching for them!

2. Play some games with them like fetch or hide-and-seek.

3. Let them outside for walks and play time.

4. Get a ball that floats in water - This will keep them entertained outside when it's hot or rainy outside.

5. Get a puzzle toy - These are great because they keep dogs thinking and entertained for a long time.

6. Teach your dog some new tricks like balancing a ball on their nose or walking on their hind legs.

7. Play fetch with them! It's always fun to chase after something and bring it back!

8. Get some interactive toys that make noise or move around when your dog bites at them, like a squeaky duck or a furry mouse that runs away when they chase after it! These kinds of toys will keep them entertained for hours because they love chasing after them so much!

9. Get some treat-dispensing toys like a Kong, Nuggle or Furbo.

10. Consider getting an extra-large dog bed so that your pup has plenty of space to stretch out and relax comfortably while you're away at work all day or when you go to sleep at night!

If all else fails, just hang out with your dog; petting them or talking softly will always be appreciated by any canine companion!

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