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Stikz - Wholesale
  • Stikz - Wholesale


    Sophie's Stikz present a wholesome indulgence for your furry friend, blending enjoyment with health in every chew. Crafted from entirely natural materials, these premium chews offer a delightful, digestible treat, setting the bar as a superior alternative to conventional pet chews, all while ensuring great value. Made with 100% milk and devoid of any artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives, Sophie's Stikz are remarkably gentle, even for the most sensitive stomachs, thanks to being entirely gluten-free.

    Drawing inspiration from an ancient recipe hailing from the Nepalese mountains, our 'A' grade Stikz are more than just treats; they are a nutritious legacy for your dog. With Sophie's Stikz, your peace of mind is our priority. Their natural composition also means they're safe for use anywhere, from the comfort of your living room to the great outdoors. Immerse your dog in the wholesome goodness of Sophie's Stikz for a nutritious, engaging chew experience that stands the test of time.

    Aprx 5oz

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